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Combine Civil Authority Handbook (Please read when applying)

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Combine Civil Authority Handbook (Please read when applying) Empty Combine Civil Authority Handbook (Please read when applying)

Post by DIABLO258 on Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:03 pm

(If more codes are needed more will be added...)

Section 1A - All things CCA code, code names, code numbers.
Section 1B - All things CCA ranks. Privilages. Rank numbers, meanings, weapons.
Section 1C - All things CCA radio

Section 2A - All things loyalist
Section 2B - All things Contraband
Section 2C - All things beyond contraband, including Anti-Citizen ranks and punishments.
Section 2D - All things DataPad


Section 1A - All things CCA code, code names, code numbers.

Standard Codes and Terminologies

Amputate: Execute/Destroy.
Anti-Citizen: Criminal.
Bio-signal: Life monitoring or signs of life. Also a system in suits that monitors heart beats.
Biotic: Non-naturalized alien species. (I.e. Vortigaunts.)
Bouncer: Enemy Grenade.
Breach: Remove obstacle or defenses.
Clamp: Seal off a specific area.
Clear: Erase current orders. (Commonly used as a way to tell fellow combine that an area has no immediate threats. Do not get mixed up with cleaned
Cleaned: Entity is normal. (I.e. citizen clear of contraban, ect)
Contact: Enemy unit(s) spotted and engaging.
Contain: Prevent forces or situation from spreading beyond it's current location.
Exogen: Antlion.
Expose: Flush suspects/situation out from cover/structure.
Extract: Evacuate.
Hold: Maintain position/location defensively immediately.
Holding: Maintaining and guarding position.
Infected: Unfriendly.
Infestation: High parasite activity.
Inject: Teams breach a door to a building or block.
In position: Ready to perform orders.
Isolate: To detain a(n) (anti-)citizen and cut them off from all contact with the populace.
Line: Form solid defence/barricade defense.
Malignant: High dangerous and contagious.
Necrotic: Zombie.
Parasitic: Headcrab.
Prosecute: Administer ordered citation. (Administer ordered punishment, in simpler terms.)
Restrict: Prevent access to that area or position.
Ripcord: Fall back to/move back or away unless a location is specified.
R.O.E: Rules of Engagement as authorized by any unit OfC+ (Only fire upon an individual if they fire upon you first.)
Room!: All Units in Room stand to salute superior officer (Only Indoors)
Stand by: Await orders.
Stabilize: Restore order through any means required, verbally or otherwise. (Non-leathally unless required.)
Sterilize: Free area/situation of any and all threats by any means. (Use with caution)
Unrest: Riot or Rebellion.
Viscerator: Manhack.

UTL: Unable-to-locate
OID: Officer in Distress

Code 21: Complaint
Code 27: Attempted Crime
Code 34: Shooting
Code 52: Explosives
Code 94: Illegal discharge of a weapon
Code 95: Illegal carrying of a weapon
Code 60: Unlawful entry

Communication Codes:

10-4: Roger/OK/Affirmative
10-7: Off Duty/Out Of Service
10-8: On Duty/ Back in service
10-12: Standby
10-20: Specify Location
10-22: Disregard
10-23: Arrived on Scene
10-54: Negative
10-76: En Route

Describing a Suspect:

10-32: Armed Suspect
10-56: Intoxicated Pedestrian
10-64: Suspect Wanted
10-77: Suspect Apprehended

Describing a Situation:

10-10: Fight in Progress
10-15: Civil Disturbance
10-31: Crime in Progress
10-34: Riot
10-53: Road Block
10-59: Escort
10-99: Officer being followed
10-103: Bomb Threat
11-71: Fire

RIPCORD - Return to Nexus
BOL- Be on lookout

Section 1B - All things CCA ranks. Privilages. Rank numbers, meanings, weapons.

Standard rules:
CCA are allowed to hit a citizen with thier stunstick once if the citizen is to close, or doing something illegal. The CCA does not need to /me for the first hit. After the hit has been made, it is up to the citizen if it shall become a roll situation or not.

If there are 3 CCA and one citizen, they are allowed to PG. (PowerGame)

CCA are meant to be feared, so do your best to make them fear you. But also keep the peace.

CCA still follow simple rules, like Audio Violation. Breaking these will result in punishment by a superior.


CCA Rank privileges

Recruit (RCT) - Basic Nexus Access and equipment.
Able to unlock and open CCA doors, but not allowed to leave Nexus or touch a weapon without permission from a Training officer or higher.

05 - Detain citizens, and move freely through the city. Able to amputate citizen if required.

04 - Same as the 05.

03 - Now able to equip the SMG, and able to wield non lethal grenades.The 03 can host ration events.

02 -  Can now use the Shotgun.

01 -  The 01 is the highest core rank, some lower rank units may even fear an 01. The 01 can now lead CAH raids and searches. He must alarm the judgement waiver. He must let a CCA High Commanding Unit know of his plans, or a DvL is no one is available. Able to use the OICW.

EpU - Able to do everything the 01 can. The EpU is tougher, stronger, and should strike fear into any citizen near by.  EpU's still fall under a division, and must obey their DvL. The EpU can order low ranking Enlisted around, 05-03. Able to use Lethal grenades.

OfC - Just below a DvL, meant to train Units into the CCA and also into specific divisions.

DvL - The Divisional Leader is meant to lead his/her division. With upgraded augmentations, they are almost unbeatable in any physical way when confronting citizens. The DvL is commanded by CmD+ units. They may order any Unit around as long as they are a lower rank, and are under the same division as themselves. If a particular Divisional Leader is not online, and you are the DvL of another division, you may order its units around.

CmD - The Commander has the honor to command all Units below him/her. He/she is also counted on for creating new strike plans and information gathering missions. The CmD is very threatening, and often times will conduct public events if there are any.

SeC - The Sectorial Commander takes the Administrators place when he is away. The SeC is seen as the one true leader of the City, controlling anything and all he/she wants. With the most powerful of all augmentations, and all the information the CCA has to offer the SeC takes pride in commanding all of their Units if the time arises. The SeC promotes Units, and reviews the data under each unit when given the chance. This is the Unit you want to impress. The SeC rarely talks to low ranks, he only deals with valuable information, something they have none of.

CCA Division's

Upon the rank of 03, and only 03, your Unit is allowed to choose between specific divisions. These divisions decide the special traits or attributes your character will achieve when under that divisions control.
When choosing a division, you must not change back unless you contact a CCA High commanding Unit.

Division listing:

Core Combat Unit - Specialty in agility, fire fights, and weapons. Core attributes.
Helix Medical Division - Specialty in medical knowledge and medical devices. Can heal Units through Roleplay if able.
Nova Technical experts - Specialty in anything electrical. Can hack eletronic locks, computers, through Roleplay. Try to Shoot to miss if possible (fail to hack, or take time if you can)

Section 1D - All things CCA radio

CCA Radio Frequency: 115.5
CCA Emergency radio Frequency: 121.4

The CCA Hand Held Radio Device is meant to communicate with your fellow Units. Information such as signing onto your character, signing off, requesting back up, clearing areas.. etc. It is not for conversations. This kind of behavior is restricted on comms.

Section 1D - All things CCA etiquette

The Combine Civil Authority have a few unwritten rules within their system. Fortunetly enough, these unwritten rules are now being written.

-CCA Units must salute to all CCA High Commanding Units, DvL, CmD, SeC.
-CCA Units stand straight, rarely relaxing in case of any random event that may occur.
-CCA Units Generally dislike Vortigaunts.
-CCA Units like making a big deal out of things. Is a citizen doing something even mildly wrong? That's one beating and a point on his data.


Section 2A - All things loyalist

Loyalist points and rank system

Loyalist points are positive numbers given to citizens who are seen as noble and loyal to the Universal Union. Each deed a citizen commits could have negative or positive points a CCA Unit might reward.
You must see a Citizen perform the deed to give them any points.

Illegal Books: -1 (EACH)

Weapons (Sharp Items, Pistols, Blunt weapons): -4
Heavy Weapons (SmG, Grenade, RPG, etc): -6

Trash Pickup: +1 (for the act, not the amount of trash)

Window Cleaning :+1 (for the act, not the amount of windows cleaned)

Blood Cleanup: +0.5

(See section 2C, Civil Offences and Punishments)
If a Citizen is truthful and reports an actual crime, these points should be awared.
Level 1: +1

Level 2: +2

Level 3: +4

Level 4: +6

Level 5: +8

Level 6: +15


+10: Level 1 loyalist badge (You can add this to your description)

+20: Level 2 Loyalist badge (The CWU Whitelist will be given to a Character once point amount is reached, it should be removed when it drops below)

+40: Level 3 Loyalist badge

+60: Level 4 Loyalist badge (If NCO is a thing, this is when it should be awarded or removed)


The Citizen Loyalty System
Each and every member of the Civil Populace belongs to a certain civilised order.

Citizen - The bulk of the populace belong this group, they show neither loyalty nor disrespect.
Loyalist - A Citizen who has proven his or her loyalty to the Union, often recognized by a orange Loyalist Patch on their arm.
Civil Worker's Union member - Loyalists who take a more direct route in helping the CCA with manual tasks. They are allowed non-standard clothing, and are the regulators of all CETA stores and factories.
Rebellious Citizen - A citizen who openly opposes the CCA and UU authorities. Might have negative points.
Anti-Citizen - An individual who has had their citizen status revoked. Detain, or possibly execute, on sight.
Anti-Citizen One - The largest threat to Civilised Society at the given moment. Be on the look out.

Section 2B - All things Contraband

Standard Contraband Levels

Non-Standard Clothing, items of clothing other than the standard Citizen uniform, including jackets, hats, etc.
Paracetamol, a simple painkiller. Note that if the person in possesion has a medical licence or a written perscription it is allowed
Steroids, simple steroids. Note that if the person in possesion has a medical licence or a written perscription it is allowed
Anti-Depressants, simple anti-depressants. Note that if the person in possesion has a medical licence or a written perscription it is allowed

Unauthorized Writings, Any book other than the Zen of the Union or Human Anatomy Leaflet.
Propaganda, Anti-Union propaganda
Unauthorized Technology, Anti-Union propaganda
Medical Vials, Universal Union Bio-gel containers

Communications Technology, Handheld and Stationary radios
Unauthorized Weaponry Weapons such as axes, hammers, bats and crowbars
Mechanical Devices Any device other than a single small TV monitor
Union Zipties Ties that are used by the CCA to search and detain Citizens
Firearms ammunition, Ammunition for any weapon
Resistance Uniforms A uniform worn by various Anti-Citizens

Unauthorized Light Firearms Pistols that use a standard 9mm round, and flash and smoke grenades
Unauthorized Medium Firearms Common weaponry such as MP7s and pistols that use a round other than a standard 9mm round
Unauthorized Heavy Firearms Rarer weaponry such as sniper rifles, M4A1s and AK47's
Unauthorized Super-Heavy Firearms Weaponry such as RPGs and the OTA AR2
Nova Prospekt Codes A code book used by the Nova Prospekt Wardens
Combine Lock A lock that can be activated by CCA, OTA, or UU members
CCA Datapad/PDA A PDA containing information on the Citizens, and City, as well as other CCA Units

CityWatch Uplink A direct feed to the CityWatch, or knowledge of CCA Radio Frequencies
Union Vehicles Possesion of any CCA/OTA vehicle, such as an APC
Section 2C - All things beyond contraband, including Anti-Citizen ranks and punishments.

Civil Offences and Punishments

Level 1
Any other minor un-civil acts.
Punishment: Warning and/or light beating. Continuous acts will be classed as Level 2.

Level 2
Grade 1 contraband (Extra ration(s), Flashlight (without permit), Unauthorized books etc).
Audio Violation (Vulgar or otherwise foul language).
Wasting an officer's time.
Speaking in an unofficial language.
Punishment: Detainment for 1 cycle (5 minutes) and confiscation of any contraband. (-1/2 points)

Level 3
Sharing a room without a permit.
Grade 2 contraband (Unauthorized technology, such as radios and minor UU equipment)
Failure to apply.
Failure to co-operate with CCA and UU officials.

Punishment: Detainment for 2 cycles (10 minutes) and possible interrogation if found with contraband. Contraband confiscated and inspected by NOVA. (-4 points)

Level 4

Level 4 contraband (Ammunition for firearm, Advance UU technology).
Tampering with unconsious or terminated citizens.
Resisting arrest.
Suspected spreading of Anti-UU propaganda (Immediate interrogation/torture)
Carrying out major uncivil acts (Sex etc)

Punishment: Detainment for 3 cycles. Interrogation. All contraband is confiscated and checked by NOVA. Report directly to Sectorial Commander after contraband analysis. (-6 points)

Level 5

Level 5 contraband ( Firearms, Explosives)
Assaulting a CCA unit.
Disregarding judgement waiver.
Lying in an interrogation.
Holding other citizens hostage.
Spreading anti-UU propaganda.

Punishment: Confiscation of all contraband. Interrogation/torture. Detainment for 4 cycles (20 minutes). Report directly to Sectorial Commander.

Level 6

Assaulting a DvL or higher.
Caught attempting to use a firearm or explosives.
Recruiting citizens into anti-UU groups
Plotting treason, assassination or other high terrorist acts

Punishment: Immediate torture and interrogation. Permanent detainment until sufficient information is extracted. Possible deportation to Nova Prospekt. Termination after torture/interrogation.

Section 2D - All things DataPad
When you open /viewdata for anyone, the first peice of information you should see is this:
CID: n/a
Loyalty Points: 0
Penalty Points: 0
Total Points: 0

If none of this information is filled out, do it for them. Though this should fill out automatically.

In addition, another window below contains this:
Age: 00
Gender: ?
Apartment: ?
Other Names:
- None
Additional Info:

If none of this information is filled out, other than Additional Info, question the citizen ASAP.
When added a record for a Citizen, be clear in why you are doing it, and add the proper amount of points.

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