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Combine Civil Authority Augmentations

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Combine Civil Authority Augmentations Empty Combine Civil Authority Augmentations

Post by JustAmmo on Mon Jan 16, 2017 1:54 am


The CCA uses three different levels to organize cybernetics; Basic, Advanced, and Elite. Only units who reach the ranking of EpU have access to these augmentations. All enlisted units will have to use their wits to survive out patrolling.


For all units ranked EpU and above.

Bionic Eyes

With your regular eyes removed and the bionic implants connected to your optic nerve bad vision is a thing of the past. Sight greatly increased over the average humanoid and with night vision as well as thermal vision; a unit equip with these will be far better off in a firefight engagement or dark environment. Courtesy of the Universal Union.  

Nociception Regulator

With this implant your body no longer senses pain but instead will give you a euphoric feeling in the affected area as to not remove the warning sign of pain. This will prevent soldiers from stopping an engagement because of a gunshot wound or stab. If your body is nearing death your suit will issue a warning and ping it to any nearby Helix units.  

Adrenaline Booster

This implant will enhance your natural ability to harness adrenaline and turn it into extra strength and speed. This will greatly improve your chances in a stressful situation such as close quarter combat. Units with this and the Nociception Regulator should fair well as pain or fear is what triggers adrenaline.


For all units ranked DvL and above.

Reflex Booster

In situations where milliseconds make the difference between victory and defeat - or even between life and death - the Reflex Booster will give you the essential edge. Learning from the physiology of animals whose survival depends on ultra-fast responses, your central nervous node is enhanced to transmit motor signals with minimal delay.

Nanobionic Weave

Usable in any non-vital body region, the Nanobionic Weave combines a number of techniques to make the respective area highly resilient. Genetic information is replicated and decentrally stored to allow identical reconstruction if necessary. This reconstruction is handled by nanobots which will repair any sustained structural damage in minutes as long as the user is still alive.


For CmD and up. These are some of the best cybernetics/augmentations the UU has to offer.

Kinetic Accelerator

Consisting of a mechanical and a neurological control component, the Kinetic Accelerator can be used to speed up movement of various body parts. Generally, hydraulic parts near the joints are used for rapid acceleration, while the brain implant takes care of coordinating the movement at increased velocity.

Sub-Dermal Armor

Studies have shown that NEMEAN Sub-Dermal Armor allows a man clothed only in civilian attire to survive a live fire scenario which under most circumstances would have killed a fully armed soldier. However, due to high-end production costs, it's kept for those who can afford the luxury of sure-fire safety, as others must scrap by with Kevlar.

Monocyte Breeder

Developed by the UU, the PHOENIX Monocyte Breeder greatly enhances the healing capabilities of the human body. Due to rapid cell regeneration, recovery after even the most severe injuries is reduced to several days instead of weeks or months.

Motor Memorizer

By analyzing movement patterns and comparing them to those stored in its database, the Motor Memorizer can detect certain actions associated with weapon handling. Once triggered, brain regions responsible for muscle memory are stimulated to increase learning speed.


Yes you are probably thinking "What the fuck!" "This is so overpowered". Yes, yes it is. If you think the UU is not going to use every possible piece of technology to keep these highly trained units alive; you are wrong! These units are hard to replace because training does not make them! Experience makes them and to replicate that is nearly impossible. A DvL will easily take on at least 2 citizens at once in hand to hand combat. A CmD or SeC could with ease take on 5 plus citizens trying to take them down at once, they are extremely fast and extremely hard to kill.

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