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Combine Civil Authority Bio (For new Characters)

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Combine Civil Authority Bio (For new Characters)

Post by DIABLO258 on Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:15 am

Combine Civil Authority

Start in: Nexus Barracks
Start out wearing: CCA Standard Uniform (See CCA Handbook)
Start with: Stun Stick

Starting information: You have just finished your basic training. You awake in the barracks after a long sleep. You know you must be trained by your CCA Training Unit before being allowed to exit the Nexus. Your rank of RCT holds you inside. Once training is complete the rank of 05 will be given to you.

Before your basic training you were brainwashed by the Universal Union. Anything negative your character thought about the UU is virtually gone. You still have your own consciousness. But you are now a die hard fan of obeying the rules, and taking any measure necessary to preserve the quality of citizen life within your city.

Your Basic Training consisted of physical exercise. You now know how to throw a proper punch. How to block a punch. How to run a mile. How to kick. You know how to load and unload your pistol like a professional. You have also been disciplined to obey your Divisional Leaders, and anyone else above you. Questioning them has consequences, and you know this.

Allowed Areas: Anywhere and everywhere. (After graduating from RCT to 05)

CCA Units will not be subjected to a merit system like the Citizens. Instead they under go reviews by their higher ups. Each DvL, CmD, or SeC is able to edit information for each Unit. If a DvL, CmD, or SeC notes your performance, they have the ability to demote or promote you. If you are demoted to 05 and are in line for another demotion, your character is subject to any punishment the UU deams necessary. This includes PK.

CCA Can purchase(In Plaza): Food, Water

CCA Can Purchase(In Nexus): Anything.


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