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Civil Workers Union Bio (For new characters)

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Civil Workers Union Bio (For new characters)

Post by DIABLO258 on Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:55 am

Here is some information on the CWU faction, once the citizen gains enough points to become one.

Civil Workers Union (Trusted Citizen)

Start out in: Current player location
Start out wearing: White shirt over blue jumpsuit
Start with: Keys, hands, No money.

Starting Information: Your character takes any information with them that they received while being a standard Citizen. When you become a CWU member you gain the knowledge that you can own the CWU store and how to run it. Your character also learns that CCA are no longer a serious threat, as they are more likely to defend you when standing next to standard Citizens, but don't get cocky. You also learn that when Rations are distributed, you get two sets.

Allowed Areas: Trusted Citizens are allowed in the Plaza, Slums, and in some cases near the Citizen Medical Wing, depending on if there are current injuries or not, and behind the CWU counter.

Illegal Areas: Beyond Roof Access in CAH, or inside of Nexus unless brought in for a Universal Union approved reason (detainment, requested by Administrator, etc..)

Trusted Citizens will be subject to a merit system. All Trusted Citizens start with -5 points. When caught doing something illegal, trespassing, fighting, stealing, a single point is ADDED. When found doing something good, helping another citizen, cleaning the city, cooperating with the CCA, those citizens are SUBTRACTED points.

When a Trusted citizen has anything -5 or below, they are removed from the whitelist and their white shirt is taken from them. They return to Standard Citizen faction.
If a Trusted Citizen goes above +20 points, they will be given access to the Nexus command officer whitelist, which they must apply for. If accepted, the Trusted Citizen character you achieved +20 points with will be transferred to the Nexus Command Faction, and your CWU whitelist will be removed, it must be earned again on another character if you want it back. (Work in progress)

Trusted Citizens can purchase: Any type of food, Water, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Flashlight, Request Device, Roommate Permit, hopefully blue jumpsuit. If found with anything else, contraband will be lifted and points will be added.

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