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day ten: blue pen

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Post by Profit on Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:25 pm

so as the days rage on we experience another day of precursory enjoyment for all

so according to sources we have had a server population but due to some disturbances i could not join so here is an interview i had with a local server goer:

NAME CHANGER SPOTTED: so how would you describe the server so far?
NoobSalsa is now Online.
NAME CHANGER SPOTTED: thank you for your input
NoobSalsa: thank you for your output

so moving along we do have a special announcement tonight thats right the loremaster themselves has graced us with knowledge for the future events and most importantly information about the lore:

NAME CHANGER SPOTTED: so would you say lore is going underway or would we need more time to really make a judgement call?
Zarb: The lore is already in place, there is a backstory to the server. For anymore lore to develope; people need to RP
Zarb: lore is made through RP and what happens
Zarb: if nothing happens, no lore is created
Zarb: i dont want to predetermine story elements of the server, it would put it on rails and make people's actions less important, less meaningful
NAME CHANGER SPOTTED: so the players control the lore, or would there be some admin intervention when the time feels right?
Zarb: Admins would step in if necessary
Zarb: A necessary intervention would be if we have 10 people forming a lolwebul gang in the slums
Zarb: but as for recorded lore, lore that i record
Zarb: no one would be stepping in unless it involved death clarifications
Zarb: and even then, it would be me if i am on the server when it happens

so we all hope to see this lore go underway with or without admin intervention as this server will surely last a millennia which would surely be enough time for lore to be developed were counting on you guys

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