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Post by DIABLO258 on Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:37 am

Some pretty basic rules I think we can all agree are fair.

Keep in mind these will be updated over time, and if you are on our forums or connected to our server(s) these rules apply to you even if you have not read them.

-Use correct grammar.
-No minge punching.
-No minge running.
-Use correct names for your characters. Example: Jake Groves.
-Be polite over OOC chat.
-Be kind to our admins.
-Complain on the forums, not in-game.
-Do not disconnect or switch characters when character threatening RP comes your way.
-Do not Meta Game
-Do not Power Game
-Each new character starts as a citizen, only knowing what the bio says they do.
-Power Gaming (Forcing actions onto others) is not allowed. The participant must decide either to submit or to fight back.

SERVER SET - Player Kill/Perma Kill
All players:
-Do not kill anyone for OOC reasons, including minges. Report them to an Admin, or make a ban request.
-Do not recreate PKed characters unless specified otherwise.
-Refrain from discussing a previous PK, it only starts drama.

All players:
-Keep the action going, don’t be a perfect shot.
-If you want to try and shoot or hit a player and cause damage, you must /me the action. (See rolling for what comes next)
-You must not shoot someone while they are /me'ing, but you can shoot to miss.
-Bear in mind the skill of your character when you want to damage someone, a CCA unit is more likely to place a hit than a Citizen.
-Keep it intense! It’s not about winning, it’s about making the experience fun for everyone.

All players:
-The slums is a low safety area, do not get angry if your character gets caught in a bad situation.

All Users:
-When no admins are online, use the honor system. If we catch anyone cheating, bans will be handed out.
-Do not attempt to deal with hackers/minges/griefers, report them and try to avoid them. We will handle it.

All players:
-There cannot be more CCA than citizens online.
-There cannot be more Resistance than Citizens online.
-There cannot be more Vortigaunts than Citizens online.
-There cannot be more NCO units than Citizens online.

-To become a CCA Unit you must:
-Apply via forums online
-Use an existing character for an application (Character must be created in the server to apply)
-Character must have negative points, or at least have 0 points total.

-To become a CWU you must:
-Have -5 points on an existing character. You will lose this faction if your point’s go above -5.

-To become an NCO you must:
-Have -20 points on an existing character. You will lose this faction if your point’s go above -20.

-To become a rebel you must:
-Be wanted by the CCA for any reason.

-To become a resistance member you must:
-Apply via forums online with a Citizen character that does not have any Negative points, and has successfully escaped into D6. You will have to /me how you did it in the application.


-Insulting another user will not be tolerated.
-Arguments are to be settled in a civilized manor. If you feel someone is trying to start something with you, contact an admin.
-Spamming will not be tolerated.
-Keep posts to the correct section, off topic goes to off topic, suggestions go into suggestions, etc…
-Any post that is not in the “Off Topic” section must be readable. U tlk lik dis and your post will be removed.
-Try to keep polls to Yes or No questions.
-Having a second account is not allowed. If caught with two accounts, both will be banned, and any further account created will also be banned.
-If you report another player to an admin, be prepared to be investigated yourself. We will not tolerate false reports.

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