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CCA Application Thread

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CCA Application Thread

Post by DIABLO258 on Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:01 pm

Here is where you will post your application.

Note: Remember, once you are accepted, the character you applied with will be transfered to the Combine Civil Authority faction. You continue their story from within the UU.

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hoxton app x'd!!!!

Post by hoxton on Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:03 pm

---OOC Information---

Steam name: Hoxton
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:53902249
Age: 18
How long have you been roleplaying?: Over two years
How long have you been playing with The Crew?: Never.
How long have you played on our server, in total?: Recently joined; about two days.

20 lines of passive roleplay examples, using /it and /me. (Eg: /it The citizen runs through the checkpoint /me Gives chase)
CCA.C18.CORE.01.323 turns around to the other units after activating the heavy combine lock on the entrance doors.
CCA.C18.CORE.01.323 : "Stay here and guard the entrance."
*CCA.C18.CORE.01.323 turns around to the other units after activating the heavy combine lock on the entrance doors.*
CCA.C18.CORE.01.323 : "Recruit, on me."
*CCA.C18.CORE.01.323 would wave his hand towards the recruit, gesturing him to follow up the stairs.
*CCA.C18.CORE.01.323 stops infront of the door to apartment No. 3 and forms his hand into a fist before knocking. "CCA, open up!"
*Harry Ogle unlocks the door with a frightened expression on his face. He takes a step back and allows the officers to come inside.
CCA.C18.CORE.01.323 : "Face the wall. Recruit, search."
*Harry Ogle sighs as he turns around, then facing the wall with no hesitation.
*CCA.C18.RCT.135 steps behind the citizen. "Citizen; apply."
*CCA.C18.RCT.135 takes out a ziptie and prepares himself to tie the citizen up.
*Does the citizen attempt to resist getting tied?
**The citizen does not hesitate whatsoever and allows the officer to restrain him
*CCA.C18.RCT.135 pats Steve up and down, searching him for anything unusual
CCA.C18.RCT.135: "He's clean."
CCA.C18.CORE.01.323: "Copy that. Move on to the next apartment after you untied him."
*CCA.C18.RCT.135 nods at his superior, and then turns back to untie the citizen.
*CCA.C18.CORE.01.323 sarcastically says: "Have a nice day, citizen," as he moves out of the room and into the hallway.

20 lines of action roleplay examples, using /it and /me. (Eg: /it THe citizen runs through the checkpoint /me Gives chase)
*CCA.C18.CORE.01.323:"Drop the weapon!" He says as he points his 9MM at the citizen.
*John Blake: "I'm not doing shit!" He says as he fires a warning shot off at the unit
*CCA.C18.CORE.01.323 would speak into his radio "Shots fired!, 11-99 officer needs assistance!
*A few more CCA units come out to assist the 01*
*CCA.C18.HELIX.03.653 would move into cover, throwing a flash at the civie, as he looks away.
*John Blake: "Oh shi-" He would be cutoff, as he is blinded by the flash, his legs are hit as he falls to the floor, blood pouring onto the cold wooden floor in his apartment room.
*CCA.C18.CORE.01.323 would move into the room, tackling the civie, as he would disarm the citizen's 9MM, throwing it to HELIX, the unit would begin to tie the civie.
*John Blake would not resist, allowing the unit to tie him.
CCA.C18.CORE.01.323 would be done tying the civie, handing him over to HELIX.
CCA.C18.HELIX.03.653 would beat the man into a KO, taking him into the nexus,
CCA.C18.CORE.01.323 would scope the room, looking for any contraband, cleaning the room up, leaving.

Character backstory (10 lines at least detailing you character's background. Events, job, family etc and should reflect your skills):

From a small age Kenji had always been interested in how things work, and always spent a lot of time in his grandad's workshop. He was a car mechanic, and while he was growing up Kenji spent long days and evenings helping his granddad fix busted automobiles. At school however, Kenji was no good. He did badly in written examinations and always had trouble with remembering simultaneous equations in maths and eventually to nobodies surprise ended up flunking his finals, disappointing his parents and giving him no viable future in well paid employment.

He spent the next few years working on a factory line at a car part manufacturer where his job was to take one finished part, put it into its box and then move it to a separate assembly line. The job was boring, and Kenji thought about quitting until the day where his life changed for the better. It was a cold evening, and one of the welders on the assembly line passed out due to some kind of medical condition. Someone needed to fill that place, and so Kenji volunteered, telling everyone he knew he could do that roll. To everyone’s surprise he was fantastic for a beginner, and so the company paid for his training as a welder.

He continued to work as a welder for the same company until the day of the Combine invasion, where he became unemployed and tried to make ends meet by delivering packages for the Universal Union. It was them who gave him the opportunity to survive, and so he swore from then on that he would return the favor, try to give something back the people that had saved him. That is when he applied to join the CCA.

---IC Information---

Name: Kenji Akiyama
CID: 95604
Amount of loyalist points:
Age: 36
Country of origin: Japan
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Black

Have you had any previous affiliations with the CCA of the city or the UU as a whole?:
No previous afflictions or any on-going now.

Have you had any previous infactions from the CCA or the UU as a whole?:
No previous afflictions.

Have you read the CCA Handbook?:

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Re: CCA Application Thread

Post by DIABLO258 on Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:21 pm

Kenji Akiyama: DENIED

There are a few problems I spotted while reading, and also simply in the format itself.

You need atleast 20 lines of RP. Both Passive and Action. And when I say "at least" I mean at the very least. Please, show us what you're capable of role playing in hl2.

Your back story is flimsy, and seems rushed. I'm not too sure if it's true, either. Perhaps your character did work in a car part factory. But what was the welder sick with? Kenji didn't bother to find out? It doesn't seem to have affected him at all either. But I'll let that slide.

I have a problem with it's ending. You state you are very loyal to the CCA, but I am %100 positive I saw Kenji in District 6 making shivs and talking about killing units. It was clear in the console that Kenji was not loyal. So why does this say he is?

You also don't inform us of how many points Kenji has.

Keep playing for a few more days then try again.


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Re: CCA Application Thread

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