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HL2RP Rules of Engagement

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HL2RP Rules of Engagement Empty HL2RP Rules of Engagement

Post by Xarb on Mon Jan 16, 2017 4:51 pm

A brief look into how combat situations will play out depending on a few specific circumstances, starting with Perma-Kills:

if you die to a Combat RP situation as a civilian, your character has completely died and you must make a new one. If a Civil Protection officer is killed during combat, their rank gets reset and their UID changed; essentially a brand new character.

Here is a few specifications about combat deaths on the server:

If you are standing around or even walking and you catch a stray bullet that kills your character on the spot, you will be returned to that position with the help of an admin or you can run back to it. Once there you will RP having taken the bullet somewhere less fatal which you will then need medical attention, citizens in the plaza will likely receive help very quickly as opposed to those who wish to hang out in D6. if you take a bullet or two while in an active firefight then obviously you should be focused more on painRP and the fact that you've been shot instead of returning fire, Units can withstand one or two due to their kevlar but sustained and multiple hits will definitely do damage while Citizens aren't really able to stand up to much at all, one bullet could easily be enough to incapacitate or seriously injure someone in nothing but cloth and jeans so RP it accordingly if you manage to get shot. Headshots will fall under seriously injured, the CCA don't just wear masks to look cool; kevlar has been known to stop bullets here and there while those that make it through are usually slowed down by a lot. When seriously injured you require medical attention, if that doesn't arrive or no one is making an attempt to stabilize you until medics arrive within the first 60 seconds then your character will be considered bled out and dead (with very little room for revive but it is still possible through /roll ing higher than an admin; both the medic and the victim must /roll and if just one of them gets a higher roll then the revive is successful, if revives happen too much and it is too easy--this will be adjusted). Same thing goes for anti-citizens, if you are shot in the head then you will be taken back to your position where you will RP having a life-threatening wound that needs immediate attention or you will suffer the fate of death.

In short summary:
-PLAY TO LOSE (P2L): Keep it fun even for your opponent, if things aren't going your way in a fight then fight harder but still fight from a fair OOC perspective.
-At a distance when in a firefight, /me's are not necessary due to neither side being within /me range.
-Close quarters requires full /me actions, dying to close quarters is mostly a PK unless the victor chooses a different fate for you.
-The higher ranking the unit, the less they will S2M, weapons training is done for a reason, 01s will likely be able to S2K the most but still need to remember to keep it interesting for both sides, a few hasty shots are bound to miss.
-Don't pick a fight with OTA, at any range except melee; they can S2K with as much accuracy as the base HL2 weapons will allow.
-Get shot = PainRP and a wounded state, shooting is no longer important; maintaining your wound til medics arrive is.
-S2M/S2K headshots will kill your character but you will be taken to where you died so you may RP in a seriously injured state (that way you dont just lose your progress to GMOD's shitty hitboxes), within 60 IRL seconds you will need to be tended to by a medic or someone with medical supplies or your character will succumb to their wounds.
-Rebels will almost always have to S2M, this will change depending on how much they fire their weapon; if you aren't sure if you are able to be a little more accurate than usual; ask me or an admin and they will decide if you've got enough experience with weapons on that character.

(any questions/suggestions or concerns can be left in the comments below to be addressed)

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